商务英语 合同写作经典句子及其常用词组

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【简介】感谢网友“binbinily”参与投稿,下面是小编为大家整理的商务英语 合同写作经典句子及其常用词组(共4篇),仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。




We have-fied Dalian City by improving the public gardens and parks.


I love European parks and gardens.


someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field).


A small house on the grounds of an estate or a park, used by a caretaker or gatekeeper.


The keeper of a royal forest or park.


The bottom of our garden verges on the park.


One who maintains grounds, as of an estate, a park, or an athletic field.


The Provisional Regional Council manages more than 600 parks and gardens of various sizes, including six major parks.


British-born American landscape architect who was a designer of Central Park in New York City.


A path between flower beds or trees in a garden or park.


与 工作效率 相关的例句

Be highly organized and efficient.


The management wants screwing up.


I can organize my time efficiently.


People working at all levels should be efficiency-minded.


To work or perform efficiently and rapidly.


Office Automation(OA) is the application of the computer and communication technologies to improve the productivity of clerical and managerial office workers.


He aim to streamline the office.


Li This is British efficiency, I suppose?


To work or act ineptly or inefficiently.


Give advice on improving perf formance and obtaining higher efficiency.




1. There are some good reasons for...

(分析原因)two possible人民生活状况的改善原因有两点,首先,我们一直在贯彻执行改革开放政策。其次,国民经济正在迅速发展,而且出生率已经得到控制。

There are two reasons for the improvement in people's living conditions.In the first place,we have been carrying out the reform and opening-up policy.Secondly,there has been a rapid expansion of our national economy .Further-more,the birth rate has been put under control.

2. My suggestions to deal with the problem are as follows.In the first place,... Secondly,...Finally...


My suggestions to deal with the problem are as follows .To begin with,it is urgent to create nature reserves. Secondly,certain rare wild animals that are going to be extinct should be collected,fed and reproduced artificially.Finally ,those who hunt them must be punished severely.

3. Different people have different opinions on this question.Some people believe that ... Others problem \\\\matter \\\\argue that... Still others assert that...


People differ in their attitudes towards failure.Faced with it ,some of them can stand up to it .draw useful lessons from it and try hard to fulfill what they are determined to do.Others,however,lose heart and give in.

4. It is important (nessary, urgent, difficult, easy, expensive, desirable, abvisable, convenient, comfortable)for sb. to do sth.


It is desirable to build more hospitals,shopping centres,recreation centres,cinemas and other public facilities to meet the growing needs of people.

5. As a popular saying goes “Everything has two sides.”


As a popular saying goes, “Everything has two sides.” Now people (the public)are benefiting more and more from scientific and technological inventions. On the other hand,the progress of science and technology is bringing us a lot of trouble. People in many countries are suffering from public hazards.

6. For example, ...

(举例阐述)For instance, ...Let“s take ...for examlpe.就拿汽车为例。汽车不仅污染城市空气,而且使城市拥挤不堪。此外,汽车造成许多交通事故。汽车所产生的噪音使居住在街道两旁的居民日夜不得安宁。

Let”s take cars for example.They not only pollute the air in cities,but make them crowed.Furthermore,they cause a lot of traffic accidents. (..., they are responsible for a lot of traffic accidents.) The noise made by cars disturbs the residents living on both sides of streets all day and night.

7. It is generally believed that ...accepted


It is generally believed (=thought) that the chief reason for the increase in population in developed coutries is not so much the rise in birth rates as the decline in death rates as a result of the improvement in medical care.





1、at the request of party b, party a agrees to send technicians to assist party b to install the equipment.

应乙方要求,甲方同意派遣技术人员帮助乙方安装设备。assist 较 help 正式;

2、the personnel shall not to partake in any political activities in iraq.

所有人员不得参加伊拉克国内的任何政治活动。partake in 较 take part in 正式;

3、the employer shall render correct technical guidance to the personnel.

雇主应该对有关人员给予正确技术指导。render 较 give 正式;

4、party a shall repatriate the patient to china and bear the cost of his passage to guangzhou.

甲方应将病人遣返中国并负责其返回广州的旅费。repatriate 较 send back 正式;

5、this contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of china.

本合同受中国法律管辖,并按中国法律解释。construe 较 explain,interpret 正式;

6、the employer may object to and require the contractor to replace forthwith any of its authorized representatives who is incompetent.

雇主认为承包人委派的授权代表不合格时,可以反对并要求立即撤换。require较ask正式;公文体forthwith 较 at once 正式;

7、the chairperson may convene an interim meeting based on a proposal made by one-third of the total number of directors.

董事长可以根据董事会过1/3董事的提议而召集临时董事会议。convene,interim 都是正式用词。

8、in case one party desires to sell or assign all or part of its investment subscribed, the other party shall have the preemptive right.

如一方想出售或转让其投资之全部或部分,另一方有优先购买权。法律用词assign 较 transfer 正式。

9、in processing transactions, the manufacturers shall never have title either to the materials or the finished products.

加工贸易中,厂方无论是对原料还是成品都无所有权。 法律用词title 较 ownership 正式。

10、the term “effective date” means the date on which this agreement is duly executed by the parties hereto.

“生效期”指双方合同签字的日子。 法律用词execute 较 sign 正式。


多使用“here”,“there”,“where”等前缀,下面这么多是不是有点头昏眼花?初学时确实容易搞混,告诉你个小窍门,here 代表 this,there 代表 that,where 代表 what/which,就容易记多了。

hereafter = after this time; 今后

hereby = by means/reason of this; 特此

herein = in this; 此中,于此

hereinafter = later in this contract; 在下文

thereafter = afterwards; 此后,后来

thereby = by that means; 因此;由此;在那方面

therein = from that; 在那里;在那点上

thereinafter = later in the same contract; 以下;在下文

whereby = by what; by which; 由是;凭那个

wherein = in what; in which; 在哪里;在哪点上



多用“shall”代替“will”或“should”加强语气和强制力。合同中,shall并非单纯表示将来时,而常用来表示法律上可强制执行的义务,具有约束力,宜译为“应”、“应该”、“必须”; will无论语气还是强制力要比shall弱,宜译为“将”、“原”、“要”;should通常只用来表示语气较强的假设、比如“万一”。

1、this contract shall become effective upon and from the date on which it is signed.


2、this contract shall be written in english in four copies. each party shall keep two copies.





1、the following documents shall be deemed to form and be read and construed as an integral part of this contract.


2、this contract can only be altered, amended or supplemented in accordance with documents signed and sealed by authorized representatives of both parties.


3、all activities of abc co. shall be governed by the laws, decrees and pertinent rules and regulations of china.



1、party b is hereby appointed by party a as its exclusive sales agent in singapore. (不宜)


2、party a hereby appoints party b as its exclusive sales agent in singapore. (适宜)



1、licensee may terminate this contract 90 days after a written notice thereof is sent to licensor upon the happening of one

of the following events:


2、licensor becomes insolvent or a liquidator of licensor is appointed;


3、the patent described in article 2 is not issued within 30 days from signing this contract; and


4、licensor fails to perform its obligations under this contract.



1、this article does not apply to bondholders who have not been paid in full. (用得少)


2、this article applies only to bondholders who have been paid in full. (用得多)



1、party a shall make an appointment of its representative within 30 days after signing the contract.

甲方应于签约后30天内指派其授权代表。宜用appoint代替 make an appointment of.

2、party a will give consideration to party b’s proposal of exclusive agency.

甲方愿意考虑乙方独家代理的建议。宜用consider代替give consideration to.


一、whereas 鉴于


whereas the employer is desirous that manpower can be rendered available for the construction of high-rise residential complex in baghdad, iraq;


whereas the contractor is desirous to provide the manpower for the works;


二、witness 证明


this agreement, made by ……


whereas……, it is agreed as follows:


in witness whereof 作为所协议事项的证据,该短语常用于合同的结尾条款:

in witness whereof, the parties have executed this contract in duplicate by their duly authorized representatives on the date first above written.


三、in consideration of 以……为约因/报酬


now therefore, in consideration of the premises and the covenants herein, contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:


in consideration of the payment to be made by party a to party b, party b hereby covenants with party a to complete the building in conformity with the provisions of the contract.


四、now,therefore 兹特


now, therefore, it’s hereby agreed and understood as follows;


now these presents witness 兹特立约为据,本句话也是用于whereas条款之后引出具体协议事项。

五、presents = the present writings 是主语,witness是谓语:

now these presents witness that it is hereby agreed between the parties hereto as follows:兹特立约为据,并由订约双方协议如下:

六、in the presence of 见证人

本短语只在有见证人时使用―在订约双方当事人签名的下方由见证人签名作证,一般是相关的律师(attorney)或公证处(notary public):

in the presence of the parties hereto have hereunder set their respective hands and seals:



for and on behalf the first party(甲方代表):

the employer (雇主)…

capacity (职位) …

in the presence of (见证人) …

capacity (职位)…

address (地址)…

for and on behalf of the second party(乙方代表):

the contractor (承包人) …

capacity (职位)…

in the presence of (见证人) …

capacity (职位)…

address (地址)…

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